Burning holes in the sky like a meteorite. Moves the soul.
The round, silver ring looks like a cosmic saucer or the unusual hang drum instrument.
It is both earthy and mystical.

Wearing it emphasizes a minimalist and even ascetic style.
It perfectly combines with selected earrings from the Persephone’s Song collection.

The colors of the pearls are natural and one of a kind.
The jewelry is absolutely unique, like a living being.

The ring will be a perfect gift for the woman who simply
finds pleasure in life and in her body: friends, sisters, mothers and you.

Size: diameter 40mm, ring adjustable
Weight: 12g
Composition: silver 925

Each product is handmade and shipped within 3 days of placing an order. I donate 2% of my profits for each item sold to a variety of local foundations. Further details can be found in the “About me” section.