Persephone’s Song collection

We are mothers and daughters. We are alive, sensual, carnal. On a continuous journey between Shadow and Light. Like a silver moon. At the same time earthly and mystical. Lyrical and quiet. Like silver and pearls.

The Song of Persephone collection is a story about the cycles of life we are living in. The daughter of Demeter, a goddess who once was called Kora, went underground and now returns to her mother, to the surface of the Earth, to the sun and sings full of joy and passion. It’s the return of the goddess. A return to the senses and feeling. From now on, Persephone’s life will continue in rhythms and cycles, just like the life of every woman on Earth.

The Persephone Song collection says: experience, come back to yourself, to your body, feel with all your senses, you are alive, you are cyclic, you are. It’s a collection that reminds you of your body and nature. It was created from treasures of Earth and Water – silver and pearls. To express gratitude for our bodies that allow us to feel and experience.

If the shell had not been damaged, the sand would be unable to reach the shell’s interior and the pearl would never be born. Each pearl is therefore a story about healing. It is a powerful feminine symbol that speaks both of determination and sensitivity. Which pearl is calling to you the most?  Innersound? Rhythms? Desire? Let it always soothe your senses.

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