About me

For a great part of my life I followed the path of many a small town girl. I moved to the big city to study, made safe choices, got a stable job in corporate banking and followed strict rules…

But I felt the need to change and let my hidden will to come to life. I let myself go through a rebellious phase which brought me to the idea of designing and making jewelry. Finally my artistic spirit found home and a place to be. It was my own workshop, where I started to combine the New with the Old, my past with my future, artistic scream with modesty, strong expression with minimalism and elegance with extravagance.

I want to show you my joy and happiness coming from creating original items in more or less classic shapes. My jewelry is in a way the story of my life when I let the fire of creation burn. I want you to feel these emotions whilst wearing my jewelry. It takes many hours of work before my items get the shapes you can see in my shop. My desire is to offer you universal collections for different occasions. I dream of you wearing my items with the same joy I had in the process of designing and creating them. Thank you for being here. Welcome to my jewelry world. Feel at Home.

2% from all purchases will go to a local charity. It’s my way of combining luxury and good design with good deeds and a strong belief in a more equal world. Every 3 months I will share with you on my social media (IG & FB) 2 different charities I’ll choose and you will decide which one do we donate.

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